2019 Hall of Fame Top Team Award Winners

Our Hall of Fame awards recognition is one of our favorite traditions at First Team Real Estate, as it allows us to pay tribute to the top individual agents and teams in the entire company. Determined by criteria including listing and sales volume, these Hall of Fame level teams achieved exceptional sales success in 2019, providing their clients with the highest level of service. These elite real estate teams within Southern California show the true power of teamwork, standing out above the rest.

It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce our 2019 Top Team Hall of Fame award winners. Congratulations to all of you on your hard work and client dedication!

Lily Campbell Team | Judi Reimer Team

Meital Taub Luxury Group | The Ashley Cooper Team

The Cathy Haney Team | Alex Yu Team | Mike and Travis Real Estate Group | Bob Gottuso & Gayle Johnson | Sue La Bounty

Rosemary Kral & Jennifer Palmquist | Lars Nordstrom | Presley Group | Terri Newland Real Estate Team | Mohr Real Estate Group | Team Hawley Verstraete | Darel & Evi Rosen

McCloskey and Co | Kristen Fowler Group | CKG Team | Buscemi, Noonan & Associates | The Williamson Team | Aragone and Associates | Nancy Aynehchi Team | Sandi Clark and Debbie Miller | Ryan Meltcher’s Real Estate Super Hero Team | Cristine Clark & Jamie Gilman Team | Team Steve Osborne | Tommy Lowery & Lisa McClain | White Team | Encinas Team | Weiss Team | Ryan Team | Dawn and Troy Bogert

Tim & Karen Branoff | The Whitney Team | Rommy Poling & Kathy Willison | Rener Team | The Barry Team | Holsten Team | Beusee Team | Kelsea Mazzocco Team | JCK Investments | G4 Estates Group | The Abrego Team | Jeff & Lollie West | Liz Oliverio & Anna Martinez
Steve & Dana Leitner | Cindee Cano and Michael Arshaid | Markus + Heidi Brown | Steve Vartanian & Terry Short | Dan & Greg Lloyd | Englehart Group | Silvia & Walter Wiebach | The Ski Team | Debbie Docherty & Amie Peterson | Ron & Lorraine Miller | Dani Walker Team | The Blatman Team | Ken & Colleen Crane | Doug & Soosan Robinett | Schenkenberger Brothers | Jones Team

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