4 Signs You Need To Hire Water Heater Repair Service

Having a broken water heater does not seem like a problem at all unless you are living in cold icy areas and have to take a bath with icy cold water. If you are living in a chilly area where the weather remains cold for most of the time in a year, you would expect your water heater to be running 24 hours a day. This increased workload affects the efficiency of the water heater and it starts giving the signal of a much need water heater repair.
As soon as you notice these four trouble signs, you must think of immediately calling a professional plumber so that things don’t get out of hand and it can be repaired timely.

Water Temperature is Not Consistent

When your water heater starts releasing water with varying temperatures, it means there is some kind of issue with the heater. You may have noticed that sometimes you get too hot water from the taps and sometimes it becomes too cold to touch. This is not something normal. You must call a professional and have the temperature of the water heater gets fixed as soon as possible because ignoring the problem might endanger the life span of the water heater.

It is Making Odd Noises

This problem usually occurs with old heating units. With excessive use, over the time your system ages and starts giving rumbling sounds. Don’t get afraid because it is not going to burst at all, just relax and call a professional to check it properly. Too much noise is dangerous and you must ignore this as ignoring the issue might result in permanent failure and you have to go for a water heater replacement.

Water is Leaking From The Tank

If the water heater starts leaking and you see pools of water around the unit, you are in an urgent need to call a professional. If ignored, this would weaken the structure of your water heater and the repair process will become costlier. Moreover, as the water that is pooling around the unit is hot or warm, it can be highly dangerous if you have pets or small kids at home. Also, it can destroy the electrical appliances kept in the same room.

There is Water Discoloration

This is another obvious sign that your water heater needs to be repaired. Water is always colourless but if you start seeing brownish or rusty water, it means there is some kind of problem either with the tank or your water heater. You must immediately call a water heater repair service and get the issue resolved.

Final Say!

As soon as you see these visible problem signs, look for a professional repairman. Calling an inexperienced plumber might further worsen the issue, so be careful when hiring a water heater repair company.

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