7 Awesome Animal Encounters

Looking to make connections while still social distancing? Cuddle up with some adorable fauna! Whether in person or virtually, here are seven animal encounters in San Diego that will make you smile.

Travel the African savanna at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with an expert guide in the back of a covered, open-air safari truck. Along the way, you can get an up-close view of African animals including some of their newest babies!

Make the end of the day extra special with the new Twilight Wildlife Safari. Travel the same African savanna but make a special stop at one of the Safari Park’s breathtaking viewpoints before your journey ends. There, enjoy a glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage and a snack box while taking in the sights and sounds of the African wildlife.

Go behind the scenes of SeaWorld San Diego‘s Dolphin Amphitheater to get up close with adorable two-toed sloths. During the 15-20 minute encounter, animal experts will share their knowledge and experience of caring for these animals, while you have the opportunity to take a #Slothie (Sloth selfie).

Get an up-close look at one of the San Diego Zoo‘s big cats as they run and play! During this two-hour cart tour, you and up to five household members can view African animal habitats around the Zoo. Learn about the care and conservation of the wildlife, and visit off-view areas not open to the public.

Meander through meadows and open trails on Sky Falconry‘s private ranch in San Diego’s Cuyamaca Mountains while free flying a trained raptor to and from the glove. Experience the awe of a hawk dropping from high in the trees and flying hundreds of feet to land gracefully on your glove. The pleasure of partnering with a trained hawk in her natural environment is an unforgettable experience! This class is only offered September through mid-July.

While currently closed to the public, you can be escorted on a two-hour private tour around the Living Coast Discovery, visiting native wildlife like sea turtles, sharks, rays and eagles. Complete your tour with an up-close encounter of your choosing including opossums, hawks, snakes and sharks

Shadow one of the Children’s Nature Retreat‘s experienced animal keepers for the day. You will have the opportunity to start the day by helping some of the animals getting out of the barn and into their respective enclosure. After helping your keeper with their daily duties and interacting at length with the animals, end your day by bringing the animals back inside for the night.

Discover Lions Tigers & Bears with a two-hour guided visit of their scenic sanctuary and historic ranch. Meet the exotic animals and big cats and learn their heartwarming rescue stories. Help feed one of the big cats or bears of your choice. Be sure to bring your camera to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment! 

Virtual Animal Encounters

Whether you’re looking to surprise your video call attendees or celebrate a special occasion, the San Diego Zoo and these aquariums and sanctuaries have you covered with awesome virtual animal encounters. 

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