California COVID-19 cases explode to single-day record with more than 34,000 new infections

California has again demolished a daily record for newly confirmed coronavirus cases, continuing a relentless onslaught of infections that has already sent more people to the hospital than at any point during the pandemic.

The state reported 34,490 new coronavirus cases Monday, a figure stratospherically higher than any daily case count, according to data compiled by The Times.

So large is the gap between Monday’s report and the previous single-day record — set Friday, when 22,369 cases were tallied — that the difference of the two numbers, 12,121, would have ranked among California’s highest before the latest surge.

The record-shattering report coincides with when officials said they expected to begin seeing the consequences of travel and gatherings for the Thanksgiving holiday. The numbers also may foreshadow a time when daily infection counts equaling the size of a small city could be more the norm than the exception.

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