COVID-19 holiday surge likely to extend SoCal’s stay-at-home order into the new year

The unabated surge in coronavirus cases will likely result in extended stay-at-home orders for Southern California and other areas, as intensive care beds remain in dangerously short supply.

The earliest date that Southern California could have become eligible to exit the existing order was Monday, but state officials said Sunday that the region and several other areas would likely have to continue following the restrictions for several more weeks as the recent surge was pushing hospitals to the breaking point.

An official determination will be announced Tuesday, according to Gov. Gavin Newsom, though he acknowledges that “it is clear and understandable that it’s likely those stay-at-home orders will be extended.”

The restrictions include reduced capacity at retail stores; the closure of some businesses including hair salons, nail salons, card rooms, museums, zoos and aquariums; and a prohibition on most gatherings, hotel stays for tourism and outdoor restaurant dining.

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