How Long Do Buyers Search Before Finding a Home? Longer Than You Think

When you’re searching for the perfect home on the real estate market, it can take time to find the perfect match out there. Southern California, and the nation as a whole, is experiencing record low inventory which means finding the perfect house can take some time. According to data from the National Association of Home Builders, two-thirds of homebuyers searched for more than 3 months before going under contract on a home. Another recent report found that U.S.home buyers view an average of 19 homes, spending on average a total of 124 hours to finally find their next home.

What’s causing the holdup? Affordable housing, bidding wars, and finding the right location are all contributing to the extended search period for buyers.

The best thing you can do to help speed up your home search is work with an experienced real estate agent who can keep a close eye on the market for you. Set up alerts, schedule viewing appointments ASAP when you see something you like and be ready to pounce when your perfect match comes on the market this summer.

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