Letter: Water utility workers face risks to keep taps flowing

Water utility workers face
risks to keep taps flowing

“Mom! The water isn’t working!”

It is a blessing that during this pandemic those words are not being spoken. Is it just happenstance? No, it’s the hard work and dedication of thousands of highly trained, state certified, water utility workers in California and across the country.

They are working diligently around-the-clock to ensure this precious resource is delivered to every home, business and health care facility.

Every day these workers put themselves at risk to maintain clean water.

It’s perturbing and disheartening that during this lockdown the news media, or politicians with microphones, rarely recognize the critical and essential work being performed 24/7 by these utility workers.

Lastly, we cannot forget the thousands of essential and critical utility workers that have not been acknowledged either — those who keep the gas moving; the power on and the water flowing during this crisis.

Rick Wilson
California Water Utility Council

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