Southern California’s Last-Minute Mother’s Day Guide

Haven’t thought about what to do for Mother’s Day yet? Not a problem. It doesn’t take a lot of planning to make the day special for the awesome woman who gave you life. Here’s our list of suggestions for how to make your Mother’s Day unforgettable.

Little Somethings

These are things you can do for your mom without even leaving the house. A small gift or token, a gesture; just a little something to show you care.

Cook For Her

For the woman who kept you fed and still continues to provide a home-cooked meal when you need it most, return the favor with a meal of your own. Prepare her favorite dish and dress up the table with some fresh flowers to make it special. Everybody takes their mom out for brunch on Mother’s Day so making it yourself is just a little something extra she’ll love – even if you’re a terrible chef. Moms are cool like that.

Make A Memory Box

The ticket stub from the last flick you caught together, a photo of the two of you from way back, the dried flower corsage that she wore to your wedding, etc. Put any memory you can in a pretty box, get a card and tie it all with a ribbon. It’s totally free and of course priceless.

Family Photo Shoot

Moms love capturing memories but it’s probably been a while since you got the gang together. Even if it’s just everyone gathered around a tri-pod in the park or a friend with some extra time and their iPhone, take the time to take some recent photos of everyone – siblings, spouses, kids, and all.

Gifts For Mom

Spa gift card

It’s a classic and easy way to pamper your mom. Whether it’s for a massage, mani/pedi, or facial, giving her a reason to sit back and relax is never a bad idea.

DIY spa gift basket

Think facemask, loofa, scented candles, chocolates, bath salts, and anything pampering. You don’t have to splurge to spoil your mom. A great place to get inspiration for your own spa gift basket is Pinterest!

Handmade coupons

Moms like spending time with us so why not promise her more of it? Think dinner and a movie, Saturday lunch date, her choice, and/or a weekend away. You can also use your coupons to help her out with something she needs like yard work or a day of helping her run errands. Your time is a valuable gift to give!

Picture frame and photo

You can pick up a cute frame nearly anywhere and with a photo of you and your mom, you’ve got an adorably thoughtful gift. Simple, personal, and the perfect last-minute gift.

Things To Do

If you want to get mom out of the house this weekend, here are some fun things to do with her across Southern California. Don’t sweat picking the perfect activity, no matter what you do the most important thing is that you do it together.


It’s only cliché because it’s awesome and everyone knows it. Here are some special brunches going on across SoCal you and your mom can get in on. Keep in mind you do have to make reservations so the time to call is now! And of course, you can always check OpenTable for reservations to find out what’s not yet booked up.

Orange County

Voted one of the best waterfront dining experiences in Orange County, Las Brisas in Laguna Beach is always a great option for Brunch. A classic in SoCal, the sea-to-table menu is infused with traditional Mexican flavors, and impeccable service, featuring fresh tortillas, rich salsas, and fresh seafood.
(949) 497-5434

Featuring a different set of stunning views, Orange County Mining Co is a great option for brunch with mom. Just down the street from the wildly popular Orange Hill Restaurant, Orange County Mining Co offers the same beautiful city views but the menu is a little easier on your wallet.
(714) 997-7411

Inland Empire

Wilson Creek in Temecula is a great outdoor venue to enjoy with mom for their Sunday Brunch. The Creekside Grille’s menu offers the best in cuisine to complement our selection of excellent wines. The menu even changes seasonally to savor the bounty of the local Temecula Valley farms and newly released wines.
(951) 699-9463

Hit The Water

Whether you pick one of the activities below or just hit the sand and enjoy a day by the beach, it’s always a fun and relaxing time by the water.

Whale Watching in Balboa. Newport Landing Whale Watching offers multiple whale & dolphin cruises on Mother’s Day. Each cruise is two and a half hours and the scenery is incredible.

Mother’s Day Cruise in Dana Point. Take mom on a Coastal Cruise aboard the Ocean Adventures Catamaran. The trip will depart Dana Point Harbor and cruise up the coastline to Laguna Beach. Champagne, fresh seasonal fruit, juices, pastries, and muffins will be served!

Gondola ride in Long Beach. Cruises book up fast so see what you can get. If it doesn’t work out, now you have an idea for her birthday or Christmas…

If you have any other last-minute suggestions, leave a comment and share the Mother’s Day ideas!

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