Understanding the Basics – Rent to Own Process

Home prices are at an all-time high, rising by 2.9% annually since the recovery from the 2008 financial crises. Affording a house in the US has become increasingly difficult for all generations, whether they are still working or retired. For this reason, renting has continued to be a good option for many. In 2017, there were 9.2 million renters within the US aged 65 and above. Many are familiar with a traditional rental agreement where rent is paid by the tenant for the duration of occupancy. There is also something called rent-to-own which allows money paid to the owner to…

A Guide to Selling Your House Fast After Divorce

Divorces are stressful, both emotionally and financially, especially if you have a co-owned property. Selling a house after divorce agreement can help alleviate some of your financial troubles, but a lot goes into getting your head straight after a divorce, especially if it’s a messy one. Whether you’re selling your home because the prospect of staying in a house you shared with your spouse scares you or is simply a financial decision, this article is for you. It’s all about keeping a cool head and avoiding making any harsh decisions. Before reading on, take a deep breath and calm yourself….