Top Habits of Great Real Estate Agents

If you’re buying or selling a house, an agent can be your guide, advocate, and friend. They work on the frontline of the process to ensure you are as happy, comfortable, and confident as possible. It may seem like a simple job but agents have many duties and, if they’re good, can make buying or selling your house an enjoyable process.

Hiring a real estate agent can make your life so much easier, regardless of whether you’re looking to sell a house or buy one. Most people don’t have the time or need to learn the ins and outs of the market or the process of buying or selling a house. A real estate agent already has that knowledge and experience and can use both to benefit you during your journey.

So what makes a real estate agent better than another and what should you consider when selecting one? If all your agent does is drive you around from listing to listing they aren’t really adding much value. It’s the one that takes the time to listen, do research, proactively gather information, and stick around to assist and give guidance, that is worth hiring.

There are many things that make agents great. Here are some things that the best ones usually have in common.

habits of real estate agents

Always Professional

Top real estate agents prioritize professionalism over everything. They are professional in their meetings, honest in their dealings and trustworthy with their words.

They respect the profession and they respect their clients. They have strict codes of conduct for themselves and do not let anything get in the way of their work.

You can see their professionalism by how they carry themselves, how they dress, their attitude in tough situations, and how they have built their brand. Having an up-to-date website and nurtured internet presence usually shows they take their job seriously and plan to do a good job for you.

Takes Care in Their Appearance

A successful real estate agent knows that first impressions count. Taking care to ensure they make an effort to look their best in all situations shows that they take even the smallest appointment seriously. They know that appearance is important, and looking professional goes a long way toward being professional.

No matter if they are in front of a client, another agent, potential seller, lawyer, or lender, they want to be taken seriously, and that is much easier to achieve when they take themselves seriously.

Communicates Often and Well

Top real estate agents realize the importance of communication. They know they are there to serve their clients and not take over for them. They make sure to keep them in the loop about what is happening in the market and what to expect.

They are vocal about their concerns, address important questions from their clients, and advise their clients throughout the process. Whatever is happening, they talk to their clients and keep them informed of every change regarding the house or the process.

real estate agent shaking hand

Plans Everything

Well-reputed real estate agents build a plan that is specific for each client and they always come prepared. For each of their clients and each of their projects, they have a well-thought-out plan based on their clients’ needs and existing market conditions. This includes a schedule that they think is ideal and tasks that need to be checked off before the process is complete.

Cultivates Relationships

A real estate agent who has worked in the market for a while knows the value of cultivating connections and professional relationships with people in the industry and other related fields. Good real estate agents will have people they can contact to facilitate their clients’ requests or give them information before it goes to the general public.
Such contacts are invaluable in the industry, and a good agent will always know someone who knows someone who can get the job done.

Keeps up With Market Trends

A successful real estate agent will make sure they keep updated on their field of expertise. The real estate market is always changing, and agents need to stay informed and up to date with housing trends, common demands, and changes in their market so they can best serve their clients.

This can mean paying attention to lending rates and how the process is changing, schools that are opening and closing in their area, shopping centers being built, etc. It can also mean staying up to date with the latest technology and having knowledge of the tools available to them. Either way, they need to stay informed so they can do their job well.

Gets to Know Clients

A good real estate agent will always make an effort to get to know their clients. They will start by asking questions to help them know what their client is looking for and the best way to proceed. Top real estate agents take the time to sit down and talk to their clients. They get to know them, their personalities, their objectives when it comes to buying and selling a house, and what they expect of their real estate agent.

If the agent doesn’t really know their client there is little chance of them delivering on an outcome that is desirable for either party, so spending time on this upfront is key.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a house or considering a career as a real estate agent, these habits are good to be aware of. Remember, you may still find the house of your dreams or sell your house for the desired amount with an agent that isn’t top-notch, but chances are high that the process will be a lot less enjoyable and you may wish you had made a different decision. Feel free to browse our directory to find an agent in your area that’s right for you!

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