Veteran First Team Agents Bob and Gayle Gottuso Receive Hall of Fame Excellence in Innovation Award

Ever since they left their corporate careers in the technology industry in 2003 to build a real estate business, Bob and Gayle Gottuso have been working for First Team, earning the coveted company Hall of Fame status award for exceptional sales 16 years straight.

This past year, the couple ranked among the top 3 highest performing agents by sales volume and were also recognized for Excellence in Innovation. So what’s the secret to their continued success? According to these two, it all comes down to their unwavering client dedication and the unprecedented support of their peers and management at First Team.

“When we decided to pursue real estate, we came at it with the same business mentality as our previous careers,” describes Gayle. “We wake up every morning and work hard to be personally available to our clients 24/7.” Known for a signature high level of service, the pair has gained a trusted reputation for unmatched client service in Orange County.

“Our record for closing deals builds trust, and our life-long relationships ensure we’re able to continue serving our clients and the community through referrals to their kids, friends, family, and neighbors. It’s our human approach to the real estate business that really sets us apart.”

Innovating and Adapting

Working out of the First Team Dana Point office under the guidance of manager Mark Kojac, Bob and Gayle continue to adapt their business to the changing real estate market – especially amid COVID-19. “We’ve always understood the importance of being fluid and adjusting to the current market,” explains Bob. “So when coronavirus brought on new challenges and changes, we met them head-on with a renewed focus on client outreach, and strategic marketing to those we knew would be looking for a change.”

Not only did the two call each and every one of the past clients to offer their emotional and professional support after the shelter in place orders were given, they also began reaching out to real estate investors whose assets were impacted by the pandemic. “With unemployment skyrocketing and so much market uncertainty, we started calling investors who perhaps needed to offload properties in order to better survive the shutdown because we understood how the virus was affecting homeowners.”

Over the last year, the team also developed a website to provide information to help anyone contemplating leaving California, as a <recent study shows our state as among the top 5 locations residents are currently moving out of. Providing extensive resources for locals, the website creatively met the growing needs of the market – Bob and Gayle’s specialty.

The Power of Teamwork

“I know that our success comes from the amazing sharing culture at First Team and the highest caliber management available in the industry,” says Bob. “Everyone is so open to sharing their knowledge and best practices to help lift others up so that we all succeed together. From our office manager Mark Kojac to the owner Cameron Merage, the company is made up of quality professionals, and that’s the glue that holds us here. We started our career at First Team and we’ve continued to thrive and grow thanks to the valuable support we receive.”

Previous Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award winners as well, Bob and Gayle embody the company’s core values of teamwork, accountability, and innovation in their business each and every day. For more information on The Gottuso’s, visit or contact them each directly at either, (949) 533-3008 and, (949) 533-3009.

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