What to Expect From Your Real Estate Agent When Selling a Home

What to expect from your realtor when selling a home

  1. A trustworthy partner

    Your realtor only wins when you win. You can count on real estate agents trying to sell your home for the best value in the fastest time. If they don’t it’s bad for their business

  2. Accurate home pricing

    Many realtors are certified in home valuation, plus accurate home pricing is important for the real estate agent’s business outcomes.

  3. Quality Advertising

    Real estate agents are experts in advertising. They can use listing websites, traditional advertising, and social media to get word out about your home quickly.

  4. Quality Buyers

    Realtors prioritize pre-approved buyers because it adds security on your sale. Real estate agents are always looking for quality buyers who are ready to commit.

  5. Expert Negotiation Skills

    Real estate agents spend a large part of their job facilitating negotiations. This refined skill yields great outcomes for home sellers.

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If it’s your first time working with a realtor, you may not know what to expect from your newfound business partner. Believing myths about what to expect from your realtor will guarantee a difficult working relationship. You’ll also suffer from not fully utilizing the skills your realtor has to offer! 

An experienced local real estate agent can assist you at every step of the selling process to make sure that your home is sold at your desired time-frame and at the right price. If you are working with a good real estate agent, here’s what you can expect

A trustworthy partner

If you want to sell your home quickly and receive the highest possible value for your sale, you can count on a realtor to deliver that for you. 

It has been said that “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” You and your next real estate agent share a common enemy – a long sale at a low value. In fact, real estate agents have a larger stake in your success than you might realize. 

Typically, realtors are not paid a salary. Even if they are a part of an agency, 100% of a real estate agent’s income comes from the commission they receive from selling your home. They pay out of their own pocket for everything that they do to help you sell your home, including their own travel, real estate photography, and marketing. 

They want to sell your home at the highest possible value so that they can better cover their own expenses. They want to get your home sold quickly so that they can move their attention to new clients instead of spending extra time marketing homes that are losing value by the day. According to a Stanford study, partnering with a real estate broker will help sell your home 34.7% faster while ensuring you’ll get the best price for your home. 

Learn more about finding trustworthy real estate brokers.

Prices your home accurately

The best realtors know the true value of a home. Some exceptional real estate agents are even certified in home appraisal and valuation. A good real estate agent will be negotiable. They won’t sell your home for less than it’s worth, nor will they set an unreasonable price for your home. Instead, they use their training, experience, market knowledge and comparable sales to price homes for sale realistically and correctly.

They set the selling prices of homes accurately in compliance with the code of ethics. As a home seller, it is important to remember that pricing a house  significantly higher than its actual worth will cause serious issues and delay the selling process. 

If the buying process is delayed, you could lose the interest of many prospective buyers. To get attention on your property again, you may need to drop the price of your house significantly. So take your realtor at their word when they share what they think is a good asking price for your home.

Studies like this one from Real Estate Economics says that realtors will sell your home faster while still getting you the best deal possible. So trust your real estate agent when they set the listing price for your home, you’ll be impressed with how fast it can sell. 

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Advertises your home skillfully

Advertising your home for sale is not only your realtor’s job, it’s their expertise. 

Expect your realtor to stage your home for a professional photoshoot to get high-quality marketing materials to show off your home with. Your real estate agent will show your home on the platforms they perform the best with. 

Some are “micro influencers” in their locality and will attract buyers through social media, but most will use Multiple Listing Service along with a slew of other traditional and digital marketing tactics that they have practiced and refined. 

Top real estate agents’ expertise in advertising is what allows them to sell 34.7% faster than homes that are For Sale By Owner (FSBO). 

Clear and Consistent Communication

A good realtor can sell your home quickly at a great price. A GREAT realtor will make the experience enjoyable. That comes with great communication skills. 

One of the most difficult skills for any professional is maintaining quality communication – and real estate agents are no different. As a home seller, you are trying to juggle your regular life with the chaos of selling a home. You don’t have time to deal with miscommunication, and you can’t afford to be in the dark about what is happening behind-the-scenes while the realtor is working on selling your home. 

This is why interviewing your realtors beforehand is so important. Along with getting to know the realtor’s plans for how they will sell your home, you need to ask how your realtor communicates. Ask them some questions like this: 

  • How frequently will you be in contact? 
  • Do you prefer in-person meetings, calling, texting, emailing, or another alternative? 
  • What times of day can I expect to hear from you?
  • What parts of this process will you need my input on? 

During your interview, examine if you feel that the realtor is easy to verbally communicate with or not. If you think you and the realtor are not a great personality match, it’s okay to keep interviewing more realtors! When you are entrusting your largest asset to someone, you deserve to work with someone you like and trust. 

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Prioritizes Pre-Approved Buyers

Anyone can say that they want to buy a house, but not everyone is qualified to buy it. 

Pre-approved buyers are the highest quality leads you can have when selling your home  These are people who have been approved for a loan from the bank before they even buy a property. While you can sell to a buyer who is not pre-approved; you, your realtor, and the bank all take on financial risk for doing so. 

An experienced real estate agent finds qualified, pre-approved buyers for their clients to ensure that every lead on the house is a good one. Realtors can access information that will show them if a lead has been pre-approved for a home loan. They will also ask for a credit report from a buyer to ensure that they are able to make a financial commitment to buying your home. 

Negotiating the Best Sale Terms

With real estate agents, your success is their success. When you work with an experienced realtor, you can expect them to use their expert negotiating skills to get you the best sale terms and conditions for you. Of course realtors want to make money on the deal, but it’s more important to them that you are happy with the deal they strike. 

You may worry that realtors will be selfish when striking a deal with a seller, but there is one big reason why they won’t be- 

Real estate agents get most of their leads online through platforms such as FastExpert. Clients frequently leave reviews of their experience with a realtor on these platforms. Getting positive reviews is often more important than anything for these realtors. Let them know you’re excited to leave them a positive review if they can land great deal on your home for you, 

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