Why US Health Group Is The Best For Providing Health Insurance To Self Employed

While the day and age we are living indefinitely belong to the entrepreneurs, there is still one thing that a lot of them find it difficult to obtain and that is health insurance. There is an assumption that new regulations have made things easier for entrepreneurs to get affordable health insurance for self employed in Falls Church VA but the reality is far stretched from that.
Hence, if you are one the small businessmen who have just started the entrepreneurial journey and for any reason, you need a health insurance plan there are always certain options that roam around in one’s head. But do you know that none of them is better than ours?
If you think we are making a fake claim then we are here with proofs for you.

Healthcare Marketplace

If you are to ask us about the best place when it comes to finding health coverage then we would always recommend you to visit healthcare.gov because that is the main hub where most of the entrepreneurs get their healthcare insurance contracts. But right when your hopes are high from this platform that is exactly where you face trouble as there are so many companies that may not offer you the value for the money you need.


In case, if you happen to have a healthcare insurance valid coming from a previous employer, parent or spouse then there is a possibility that you can carry on with that coverage for the next 36 months but you will have to keep the important fact in mind that Cobra is generally very expensive then other options.

Short Term Health Insurance

Some self-employed people also register themselves on an open enrollment period and that eventually helps them in obtaining short term health insurance at a very low price. However, the only catch is that it doesn’t cover much and you may have to spend a lot on your own if you face chronic conditions.


You can also take advantage of the associations like NASE who offer health insurance as a benefit of joining but if you make the right calculations, you will come down to the realization that the association fee actually stands greater than the benefit.

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